Add checkbox to bypass/exclude items from Desired Inventory/Reorder Point fields

milesandtimemilesandtime Member Posts: 6
edited November 14 in Reporting & Analytics

It would be nice to have an option to disable the Desired Inventory Level/Reorder Point fields within the item details. Just a simple checkbox that grays-out those two fields, similar to how eCom grays out if something is not published to the web store.

Not everything we (and surely others) sell is guaranteed to be re-ordered. Products get discontinued, products can be seasonal, products might have been a limited run, etc.

We often use the Quick Edit Items interface to search for items where we've missed entering the data for both of those fields. This would alleviate the clutter when trying to isolate those items that actually need Desired Inventory/Reorder Points entered.

Thanks for the consideration.

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