Feature Request: Filter by Archived only & Archive by Import

masher242masher242 Member Posts: 5

I have a suggestion that should be fairly straightforward to add. In item search there is a filter to include archived items in your search. Can a filter be added called "only archived items" such that the search filter pulls up ONLY archived items? The second part of the feature request is to make archiving an importable option so that bulk archiving can be done in a spreadsheet having sorted, filtered and made decisions on items in the spreadsheet, and once those items you wish to archive have been selected, that information can be imported. For those of us that might have a ton of SKUS that need to be purged periodically, this would be very helpful.


  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 63 


    The feature you're requesting vis a vis Archiving items by Import is already possible. If you look at the Import Template in the Import section then you'll see a column for Archive. You can also bulk Archive items under Settings --> Archive Items. You can use filters and such to refine the results and this can be a pretty efficient method for Archiving.

    However, I second your request for a filter that allows for only Archived items. Currently, there is no way to report or export items with any indication of their status vis a vis Archived or not and that's shocking.

  • masher242masher242 Member Posts: 5

    @emacgee Thanks for the information! I'm checking it out. But yes, the ability to export based on archive status would be really helpful. Eventually we want to delete the archived items via the workaround suggested by LS which involves merging archived items into a "For Deletion" item.

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