Ecomm Gift Card Customization

dare2dv8dare2dv8 Member Posts: 2

Just transitioned today to the new ecomm gift card version. Thanks for that!

However, the lack of ability to upload our own image and edit the copy on the gift card page is disappointing. I would like to suggest we are given the ability to edit the page with our branding.

Also, there are no instructions/explanations given to customer indicating they can use the digital version in store. As an omnichannel retailer, it would be nice to inform customers we have a physical card and an online version and how it all works. I see customer confusion and therefore hesitancy to purchase online if they don't know they can use in-store.


  • vividprintvividprint Member Posts: 32 ✭

    We used the translation function to change the text on the gift card page to indicate that we also offer physical Gift Cards in store until such time that we have a way of modifying that.

  • AzTAzT Member Posts: 70 ✭

    @vividprint is correct that the best way to change the wording would be to use the custom translation option to explain it however you want. I'm also frustrated that we cannot upload a picture of our own gift card. I brought this up to the developers during the beta but it still hasn't been addressed. Honestly, at this point, I'm considering just making a custom text page that explains the gift cards and has our branding. Customers wouldn't be able to purchase them online which is an issue but I would at least enable them to be able to redeem them online.

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Hey @dare2dv8

    This is something that our dev team is currently working on and I've created ticket with your response so we can keep you updated when it gets implemented.

    As soon as this feature is implemented, I'll also post a thread on our community so we can let our merchants know.

    As usual, thank you for your feedback.

  • dare2dv8dare2dv8 Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Vanessa.

    Is there an ETA on this?

  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 786

    Not at this time, but as soon as we have more information I'll post it here.

  • JennNTJennNT Member Posts: 1

    Wondering if there is an update with this? In addition to having the ability to customize the page as described by the original poster, I would also like to see:

    • - Custom Fields (To, From, Amount, Date, Personal Message)
    • - Post dating when the email sends so recipient can receive on a specific day


  • JKnudson1JKnudson1 Member Posts: 1

    Any ETA on this or more information? I have tried contacting support on this and keep getting told it's something that is being worked on but no information can be provided.

  • dustinbdustinb Member Posts: 25

    I would also like to see the changes noted above made. We have been patiently waiting since this was implemented but until we can customize it, we are not turning on the digital cards. The customer has no way to even indicate who the card was from, so someone will receive and have zero idea who sent it and without branding what store it's for. This seems like the most basic of features.

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