Gift Card Sales Do Not Work Today

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We have been using Lightspeed for over a year and a half and been selling Gift Cards the entire time. This morning, something with how Lightspeed processes or uses Gift Cards has changed, without warning, and we can no longer sell Gift Cards. How do we get back up and running?? And why were we not warned that this was coming?? I even looked in the release notes, last updated September 13, and there is no mention of a change.

Not cool Lightspeed!!! We all like improvements, but not telling us about it and having us stumbling around during a busy day trying to figure out a new system is not nice!

Does anyone know of where I can find some help on getting Gift Certificate sales back up and running? Is there any documentation anywhere??


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    Previously, scanning the Gift Card serial number added it to the sale. Today when we scan the serial number we get the following:

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    We just saw this tonight in our store as we prepared to make gift cards. You have to go into Settings Gift Cards to basically set it up again and get the button back on the sales screen.

    WHY would you muck around with this right before the holidays?!?! Especially with no warning regarding a quite different way to sell gift cards now . . . . a completely different screen that pops up when you click on the (again visible) gift card button.

    I see that it is now possible to create a "Custom code"??? what is THAT? Can a cashier now just type in some random numbers rather than scanning the new gift card bar code? Can that be removed? Why would it even be an option?

    I guess I'll come in to my store early tomorrow in order to train my staff on how to sell gift cards now! After all, this is exactly the time of year that we will sell the most of them.


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    In case you have not already gotten this resolved; Here was what I was told after waiting for hours for customer service:

    (12:44:28 AM) Joyce L: To get back the gift card button from the sales screen page, the new gift card landing page needs to be configured.

    To do this, follow these steps:

    From the main menu, go to Customers > Gift Cards.

    Select Manage gift cards

    Toggle on the switch for Point of sale and/or eCom (if you have an online store).

    Optionally, toggle the Amounts switch. Then, enter the common gift card amounts that fit your business needs.

    Enter a minimum and maximum limit for custom amounts.

    Select Save.

    After I applied this fix and closed my browser and reopened it, gift cards appear to back in order.


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    But now I'm waiting on chat for another update related issue regarding the negative dollar non-inventory items (that I have to use to apply 3 for discounts which I use a lot) causing the sale to freeze and then to update in a weird way etc etc

    If you happen to have any of those type items or promotions you may wish to test those now too

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    This does not work if you have transfered from onsite to retail which happened for us in March. When that transfer was done the old card numbers were changed to completely new numbers. The only way to find them was in gift cards you could scan the old card and it would bring up the new card number which you could copy and paste into the checkout option. A very tedious affair. NOW it no longer links to the old card! There is no access to find the gift card numbers so all the old gift cards (which in our case amounts to somewhere around $16,000) we have no way to find the correct card number. Right at the beginning of the holiday season when people use those old gift cards to shop with! Brilliant Lightspeed! What do I do about that! Shoehn this is probably the reason you can't find your cards either.

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    @wildbird thank you for pointing out the pre-Lightspeed sold gc's. This is another issue that we now have with the new system. We also have gc's that were brought into Lightspeed from our old system, and as you described, we no longer have any way to find them within the Lightspeed system. We can see those gc's, but we only have their Lightspeed ID, their original custom number is no longer attached to them, or their original gc number, so there is no way for us to accept them when they come in.

    @Lightspeed Team can you please advise us on how to do this. There has to be a way for us to look this up!

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    Agreed, in that timing of updates is critical when it comes to retail. Usually we black out the 4th quarter for any impactful changes. I stumbled across this thread and the Retail POS release date made me do a double-take, September 13th. This is when coincidentally enough my Lightspeed Retail API routines started failing. Due to there being new fields added to the Sale endpoint for tips. This Retail POS release ( included breaking API changes. Surprise to me.

    It's not a warm and fuzzy feeling to get absolutely no prior notification of these updates. No e-mails, no snail mail, no phone call, nothing. Literally the only software vendor our company has with that sort of M.O. And following up on @alanlloyd 's comment about "Lightspeed -- NEXT TIME, WAIT UNTIL A LESS BUSY TIME OF THE YEAR TO CHANGE THE USER INTERFACE FOR SUCH THINGS!!! MAYBE SEND A WARNING REGARDING THE CHANGE TOO!!!" I am in agreement. A software company that specializes in catering to retail clients must not really be aware or not care enough to realize this. There are numerous things broken that have been that way for literally 4+ years but for some reason a gift card update or tips functionality is pushed out for???

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    The gift card is making issues for me the last couple days and its not pretty.

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