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Its been 9 months since we moved from Onsite and more and more I'm starting to regret it. Every day brings either a outage/down credit card terminals/label printers that don't work due to the hub etc. Then there are all the basic Point of sale features Retail doesn't have "the abiltiy to spread shipping among products in PO and many more". From what I'm reading on the community we have given Lightspeed all the things we need from a good POS but it seems they aren't listening. I know this is in the back of everyones mind. What other POS vendors you are looking to move to?


  • JimStrandJimStrand Member Posts: 2

    I'm having same experience with 2 retail shops on lightspeed Cdoremus. We are constantly rebooting computers/routers/reinstalling LS Hub thinking its are issue with network. cannot print receipts at either store. CFD is very difficult to keep running. The receipt printer issue cannot be resolved through LS support. I don't see any global communication from LS so not sure if this is global issue with print drivers.

  • RainflurryRainflurry Member Posts: 28

    We use Lightspeed (LS) at one retail location and QuickBooks Point-of-Sale (QBPOS) at another, different business. We've been using both now for almost 10 years. Each has its plusses and minuses.

    Quick hits: LS is much better for eCom and the new omnichannel gift cards are great. QBPOS does not offer omnichannel. QBPOS is not cloud-based so it's remote connecting if you're traveling/at home. QBPOS has significantly better reports. In 10+ years, we have never needed a report that doesn't exist. Need to know how many size 8.5, light blue, sandals you sold between 35-40% margin? No problem. Also, from a receiving perspective, QBPOS creates vouchers so every shipment received on a PO has a document and a bill that is created in QuickBooks Accounting. The fact that LS cannot do this is so significant that if we grow much more, we will most likely move to a different POS. The QBPOS integrated merchant service (QuickBooks Payments) has higher fees than Lightspeed Payments. There may be a third-party app for that in QBPOS but I'm leery as QuickBooks Payments is rock solid. Just a few thoughts...

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    We are currently using Lightspeed Retail for one of our subsidiary companies. It has a few warts, but for a simpler business model it's okay. As for the Lightspeed Ecom piece, we tested it out and found it lacking in a lot of ways. Especially since it's not truly "omni-channel," in that it's not all sitting in the same pot. There are some quirks for sure.

    To be honest, out of the bundled solutions we tested out, I would say that Shopify blew the doors off Lightspeed. Their POS is not quite as mature, but it is indeed omni-channel. In that the products, customers, orders, etc. all live in the same centralized dataset. If you need fuller features for a more sophisticated business model it's not cheap. But it checks a lot more boxes for sure.

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