Desperate Need of HELP Mapping Lightspeed to Quickbooks

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I am a new user to Lightspeed retail and lightspeed accounting (Shogo). I use QB pro 2016 desktop. I come from QB POS so everything was intergrated. There was no mapping. I am totally lost. The folks at lightspeed can't help,the people at shogo can't help.They all say ask my accountant and they have no idea. The QB people say talk to lightspeed and their not thrilled to help anyway,that is one of the many reasons I left.
I don't know weather to do a journal or a summary of receipts. I can't to get my sales into my tax liability in QB. I'm also getting this error: There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Item "9.25%Tax" in the SalesReceipt line. QuickBooks error message: You cannot use the same tax item in both the line items and the txn tax.

Can anyone Help? Almost begging over here,  Rcbugs

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  • josephmckeownjosephmckeown Moderator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 77 moderator
    Hi there Rcbugs,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    If you're doing Journal entry accounting, then Lightspeed Accounting needs your categories to be mapped to QuickBooks GL accounts.

    If you're doing Summarized or Itemized accounting, then Lightspeed Accounting needs to be mapped to QuickBooks Items.

    You can map your Lightspeed categories to their respective Accounts or Items at the following path in Lightspeed Accounting:

    Settings> Accounting> View Details

    All accounts need to be mapped for Lightspeed Accounting to work properly.

    You can find the steps for doing this here: (the mapping section begins at around minute 2:30)

    Additionally, you can find further resources on Lightspeed Accounting at the following link:

    We cannot advise on how to manage your accounting. We do have partners though who offer accounting recommendations. I will check to see if any are active in our forum here.

    As always, please reach out to Lightspeed Support for further assistance.

    Joseph McKeown
    Lightspeed Analytics and reporting consultant
    Lightspeed HQ
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