Gift Card Reports - Inaccurate and Clunky

Cat428Cat428 Member Posts: 1

The new gift card stuff is cool but it's still not meeting my needs.

I am looking to get data on how much we sold in gift cards in previous years. It looks like I can do this, but it actually only shows me how much is remaining on gift cards from that time and not how much was sold. It SAYS "total amount sold" but it's not. (Misleading!)

It looks like the new system it's having a difficult time working with the existing gc info. For example, the "total amount redeemed" and "total amount unredeemed" is also wildly off.

Being able to run this info is important for making gift card sales goals. Support told me the report I want does not exist. As I see it, the only way to accurately get this info is to search within a date range and then click individually on Order Ids to see how much the gift card was purchased for and manually add them all up. Ugh, that's so labor intensive when a report should already exist.

Developers, please address this!

Others, if you have helpful workaround ideas, I'd love them!

Thanks! -Cat

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  • RainflurryRainflurry Member Posts: 28

    Do you export your gift card liability to QuickBooks? If so, Lightspeed creates an entry for each day's gift card sales and redemptions. In QuickBooks, go to the chart of accounts, right-click on your gift card liability account and choose the date range you want. Positive amounts are sales and negative amounts are redemptions.

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