Export formatting

boviobovio Member Posts: 15

Can somebody please explain to me if I'm missing something very obvious or if this is just LS missing the mark? I manage two stores, both on LightSpeed. If I have a new item I created in one inventory, one would think I could easily export the item and then import it to the other store using the item importer feature. However, the issue I've run into is that I'll export a number of items and then run it through the importer only for it to have no idea what to do with it. The export has headings like "Item" and "Manufact. SKU", where the importer requires it be "Description" and "Manufacturer SKU", respectively. And the export will have values like "428.000000000" for a $428.00 item, and of course the importer just throws errors at me when I try to import ("Default Cost value is not supported"). I know that I HAVE to be the problem here, because a POS certainly wouldn't overlook something this obvious. Any help?

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