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bikes72bikes72 Member Posts: 1

They need to add more serial number support. As a proclaimed POS for the bike industry this is sadly lacking! Onsite was great for receiving, tracking and inventorying bikes with serial numbers. At present there is no way to inventory serial numbers. So after doing an inventory you would have to go back and verify that all the serial numbers are in and current! Please add this!

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  • sppurchasingsppurchasing Member Posts: 1

    We just purchased the R-series, and from what I see it lacks serial number control.

    Cannot input serial number at time of receipt without changing screens

    It does not required the input of serial numbers

    You can receive the improper qty of serial numbers

    You can duplicate serial numbers on the same product.

    You can sell serialized item without being asked for or input the serial number.

    You cannot count/check serial numbers at time of inventory. it must be done by a manual paper check.

    If you use serial numbers in your inventory system ...BEWARE(personal opinion)

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