Since today, my API user no longer has access

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Hello Lucien,

Can you grant access to the API for my user [email protected] ?

In the morning we started to see some "403 Forbidden: [error code: 1010]" responses, so we tried to generate a new beaerer token via:

After doing whole process:

  1. a web browser login and that the resulting URL gives me the "code"
  2. cURL to that address with the appropiate headers just to find out that my user has access denied:
    "code": "unauthorized",
    "message": "unauthorized",
    "statusCode": 401,
    "details": [
            "code": "access_denied",
            "message": "The client is not authorized to request an authorization code using this method."

Can you grant me access again so we can work with the system? Our clients are waiting for the invoices fetched from lightspeed.


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