Show All QTY on Main Inventory Page

MHGMHG Member Posts: 2

It would be great if the main inventory page also showed what is in a Layaway, Special Order, Ordered etc. rather than just QTY available.


  • FishHeadGregFishHeadGreg Member Posts: 3

    Absolutely! The fact that those details are not listed is quite frankly pathetic. This is essential data that's needed on the main screen. How to we escalate this request? Honestly, I would be willing to pay a development fee to have this done.

  • BlueMountainMusicBlueMountainMusic Member Posts: 48 ✭

    Yep I've been lobbying for a "Backordered QTY" column for a long time. I really don't understand why these simple data points are not available in what is promoted as an Inventory Management tool. It's simply not acceptable.

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