Gift Cards as inventory items

CampusStoreCampusStore Member Posts: 5

I just ordered & paid $375 for Gift Cards- But do I sell them at cost or give away for free?

But if I sell them to recoup cost I need to enter into inventory. From what I'm reading in discussions the recommendation is not to enter them into inventory- not sure why not? I tried entering the order as a new Purchase Order for accounting purchases but if I go back to edit the item as a non-inventory item I get an error due to a non-inventory cannot have inventory. I feel like I'm in a loop!

Does anyone have a recommendation as to the correct process for Gift Cards?


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  • RainflurryRainflurry Member Posts: 28

    This the cost of the gift card printing? If so, this is not something to be included in inventory and you can expense the cost immediately. List it as "store supplies" or something similar in your accounting system.

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