Want to add free gift card to order on select products


Our shop would like to give free gift card when buying specific products. I can easily target the products with TAGS and the tags can carry the value of the gift card (either flat amount or percentage based). I am looking for a way to integrate said gift card to the customer's order.

Options :

  1. Find a way to programmatically add a comment so the employee working the order will know to create a gift card.
  2. Find a way to add a second product to the cart upon adding the specified product. I found https://yourwebsite/cart/add/variantId but I can't make it so that both products will be added upon clicking add-to-cart.

Anyone with a brilliant idea? I am overdue for taking a plunge with the API but I don't even think it would be of any help in this situation since this is taking place on the eCom site while the customer is placing an order.


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