Get All Checks API


I would like some clarification regarding the Get All Checks API. It is stated in the docs that this API "Returns all open dine-in receipts for the current day"

Could I please get clarification for the following please?

  • Can I get the definition of what it is meant by ‘current day’? Will it only return all receipts within the 24hr period of UTC or will it use the 24hr period of my businesses' timezone?
  • What does ‘open dine-in receipt’ refer to, does this mean that this API will not return receipts that has already been paid for?
  • One of the data returned has the key of ‘name’. Can I please check if this returns the value as indicated in the screenshot below? (A128221.2588). If it doesn’t how can I obtain all check data for the current day with this information included?

Thanks in advance

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