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It would be useful if Lightspeed could display large inventory images by scaling them to fit, instead of cropping them. At present, images do not display correctly unless they exactly fit the dimensions of the provided box.

For my use, scaling the image down so it is shown in its entirety will make this feature much more useful. Many items in our shop have similar names, but can be very different in appearance; the visual is helpful for staff who are trying to find small parts etc.

I'm attaching a screenshot showing the cropping effect I'm complaining about, followed by the original image I'm trying to have displayed:

Any suggestions? would love if this is a simple fix to code.



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    Scaling versus cropping is a good point. Our main company has a legacy inventory system (i.e. - not Lightspeed Retail), and we can run into the same thing. As a rule when our inventory entry clerks are adding new items into stock they use Adobe Photoshop Elements to always scale the images to dimensions that we know our inventory system will play nicely with. It's an extra step along the way, but usually they have to blank the background and modify the images anyway. So they are consistently displayed both in the system and online for e-com.

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