eCom Gift Card problems

AlexBeaudetAlexBeaudet Member Posts: 35


just activated the new gift card module for eCom to try and make it work. Having a few issues...

  1. Using the new checkout page there is no payment option when buying gift cards. Using the old checkout it is working.
  2. It is impossible to remove gift cards from a cart.
  3. The back office makes it possible to put in any minimum value for the gift card (say 1$ or 10$) but the field validation on the buy-gift-card page actually requires it to be minimum 25$.
  4. We operate in french and I was able to translate almost everything on the page but the following : Field validation errors for email and custom amount.

Edit : it has been a few hours and it seems the minimum value I set in the back office (10$) is not working properly. I just set it to 1$ and will test again tomorrow morning.

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