Report for new service ticket quantity and $ booked per day?

henryshenrys Member Posts: 1

Is there a way to run reports on how much work (and associated merchandise) is checked in over a defined period of time? By time of day, day of the week, or even to see weekly/monthly trends throughout the year?

I know how to view our Service sales, but that doesn't give me a picture of when those services were scheduled. This information would be useful in understanding when and where to most effectively allocate staff. For instance, if we're typically taking in 12 repairs on Mondays but only 4 on Tuesdays, we should be allocating more check-in staff on Mondays and more repair staff on Tuesdays. If we're checking in a high number of small-value tickets on Wednesdays but seeing a higher dollar value intake on fewer tickets on Thursdays, we could look at creating new staffing combinations to improve efficiency on Wednesdays.

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