[AUSTIN THEME] - Create cart pop up when item is added?

How would I go about creating let's say a cart drawer or make a cart popup where the user can either continue shopping or go straight to checkout?

User clicks add to cart --> Popup "continue shopping" or "go to checkout"

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  • larry_nalzarolarry_nalzaro Member Posts: 32

    1) Change the HREF value of the button from https://www.--------.com/cart/add/77584833/ to javascript:;.

    2) Create a modal popup screen that has 2 buttons: 1) Continue Shopping; 2) Go to Checkout.

    3) Create a javascript function that:

    a) Adds the product to the cart thru Ajax;

    b) Calls that modal window to pop out when the "add to cart" button is clicked.

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