Lightspeed Hub should start automatically when you log into Lightspeed

MarcusPALMarcusPAL Member Posts: 4

In its ongoing effort to make life miserable and increase the complexity for its users LS now REQUIRES that you install and manually start Lightspeed Hub in order to use the Zebra label printers. What lazy programming and lack of customer focus on LS's part. 1) this program shouldn't be required, my Zebra printers have worked just fine for years now, 2) it brings absolutely zero value to the application and user experience and 3) it should be integrated into the LS Retail application, not be a separate program you have to install on your computer and then start up in order to use your printer. Fix this abomination, Lightspeed!


  • dhicksdhicks Member Posts: 32

    I agree...I know the hub is new but it should start up and connect seamlessly. It would be nice if it was just like any other hit print and provided it is on and available that you just select the printer and it should shouldn't have to connect every time.

    I have also noticed that if it sits idle for a bit and you come back to it...that it goes back to the default settings of label configuration...a big one for us is the defaults to the System ID for the barcode...well we use the label to scan and order with our vendors and to match their system we need a we found out the hard way that half of the new labels we printed unknownly were printed with the system ID and not the UPC!! :( and now we need to figure out which ones need to be redone and re print them. yuck!!

    I am waiting for more custom fields to modify what I can print on my labels...It is great to have a barcode, price and sku...but there are other items that I would like to have options to print on my label.

  • alanlloydalanlloyd Member Posts: 75 ✭

    Contrary to my typical SOP here, I'm going to defend Lightspeed. . . .

    --When you say that Hub should be "built-in" to Lightspeed Retail, think about what you are saying . . . .that means it needs to be built-in to whatever browser you are using. So, every browser now needs to be reprogrammed for what is (for most of the world) a rather obscure problem? Maybe the same functionality could be done with an extension, but I doubt it.

    --Installation is really easy and takes about two minutes. Once done, it is simply a matter of checking to get updates once in a while. Actually pretty easy to do.

    --Hub actually INSULATES us from problems with a browser update completely breaking printing . . .as Firefox did a year or so ago. That was a nightmare and required a roll-back of Firefox or the use of a different browser. The fact that it is another layer of software is actually a GOOD thing and allows us to be somewhat agnostic with regard to what browser is used and keeps the browser itself from breaking the printing capability.

    --You don't have to manually start anything! Once Hub is installed, you can configure it with a menu setting such that it starts with Windows. I assume this would work with Macintosh, but I honestly don't know. Once running, and you have given the browser permission to interact with it (easy and a one-time process), it will simply connect and work. In my experience, it has been a great solution that is easy to use, maintain and mitigates a raft of other headaches for me.

    Well Done Lightspeed to come up with an elegant solution for the tough problem of integrating printing on desperate devices with a web-based application!

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