Easier way to assign shipping to products

Does it have to be this complicated??

We have multiple shipping methods.

Not ALL items qualify for ALL shipping methods

Some items need to be "no-ship"

Why is it not possible when setting up an item to have the option to click on a box that assigns the available options, or removes options depending on the item.

Only having weight options causes logistical nightmares for items that may or may not fall into all shipping methods.

We are a hospital gift shop. Having weights for items that qualify for Room Delivery, Curbside Pick up, and Flat Rate shipping isn't offering the ease of checkout we require.

If anyone is having luck in this regard (and have found ways around the back end errors, we'd love to hear about it.


  • WDSWDS Member Posts: 7

    What usually do is go to lightspeed -> products -> filter as mostly as you can on the products that need to be changed -> use the select button on the left top corner to select all -> with the selection made -> choose in the left top corner once again what to do with the selection -> choose change delivery time -> select the one that is applicable for the products you have selected.


    These pages only show 50 products per page

    I change the first 50 and is there is more i choose view the second page of the search query i've made on the bottom of the page. then reapply the above once again until i finished all pages.

  • CCFS_ZachCCFS_Zach Member Posts: 31 ✭

    I'm having this issue as well. Some items (especially larger ones - like lumber) are local delivery only. We can set the rates based on weight, however, if more than one item is in the cart and only one applies to the weight rate, it will still allow the customer to check both items out with the shipping rate of the one particular item, even though the other is supposed to be local delivery only and not ship-able.

    Has anyone else found a solution for this type of issue?

    Basically, we have quite a few items that we only want to use one type of shipping method and many others that can be shipped using a parcel service. We'd need split shipping at checkout or some way to remove the item from the checkout screen if it doesn't apply to the shipping rules.

  • CCFS_ZachCCFS_Zach Member Posts: 31 ✭

    Another example is if a customer checks out a product that they want shipped, and another that they would like to pick up in store. The checkout process doesn't allow for multiple delivery options based on the items.

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