[API] update customers billingshipping address: country?

dmgrubendmgruben Member Posts: 1


I am developing a custom integration for LS eCom with the PHP client. I am syncing a local copy of customers and countries (mysql) periodically to cache them.

When POSTing or PUTing a customer object using the API (https://developers.lightspeedhq.com/ecom/endpoints/customer/), how do we make sure the country selection for the billing/shipping address is persisted? I see the region as an option (addressBillingRegion), but not the country.

I'm assuming along the lines of:  



'addressBillingCountry' =>

 array(4) {  

'id' =>  string(3) "150"

  'code' =>

  string(2) "nl"

  'code3' =>

  string(3) "nld"

  'title' =>

  string(16) "Netherlands, The"



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