Connect Picqer API to my Retail account

BilsenBilsen Member Posts: 2

I have a Retail and ecom account and I want to connect the Picqer app to my ecom and I get a message that I cant install it I get this message "You cannot install this app because it is incompatible with Lightspeed Omnichannel" so I'm thinking if I could add Picqer to my Retail account with an API. Does anyone know how to do it?


  • mattangermattanger Member Posts: 101 ✭

    Hi @Bilsen, I can integrate this for you. I'll follow up with a direct message!

    Matt Anger

  • caspercasper Member Posts: 1

    Casper from Picqer here. At this moment we only have an integration with Lightspeed eCom. If you use Omnichannel (so eCom and Retail), Lightspeed disables a lot of the eCom API like managing products and stock. With Omnichannel you can only use the Retail API to manage products and inventory.

    It is possible to make an integration between the Picqer API and Lightspeed Retail API yourself, or via a partner. It is technically possible, we just don't have it integrated directly. If @Mattanger has the skills to connect the API's, then he can help you with that.

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