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Hope you can help...

Customer with a LightSpeed store has given me an API Key and API Secret with READ-ONLY access to their products. However, when I try to fetch their product data via the API, I get the message "Could not authenticate you"

I'm doing a "GET" using this endpoint path: https://{{api_key}}:{{api_secret}}

Where {{api_key}} and {{api_secret}} is the KEY and SECRET provided by the customer

I know the KEY, SECRET and permissions have been setup correctly, what am I doing wrong?



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    Hi, I hope by now the problem is fixed. BUT if anyone finds this post in the future, here is an answer.

    It could be a few things. Assuming everything is indeed setup correctly for your get request and the values are correct.

    Depending on if it is EU or US the cluster changes. So if this shop is in US, 'shoplightspeed' is correct. if EU it is 'webshopapp'

    Make sure there are no hidden characters in the API values, I once had a zero width no-break space character in there and it took a while to find what was wrong.

    And lastly, make sure the keys are activated in the lightspeed store.

    Hope this helps some people.

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    Thanks for the reply... Turns out I couldn't use the API in this context. Instead I was told I had to use the API for eCom Retail meaning creating an app, getting the customer to install it, then having a callback process to capture the token.

    This wasn't what I had in mind, I just needed a straight API connection to fetch product data. On most platforms, the customer can generate keys with a perpetual token for a developer to access their product catalog.

    Is there anyway to achieve this without having to create an APP?

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