How to report a failed install due to server error or Lightspeed Shop incompatibility, etc.?

dschnaredschnare Member Posts: 6
edited December 2021 in Apps & Integrations

What is the recommended or preferred way to report that a Lightspeed App install was not successful during the GET request to the SUCCESS_URL? I tried responding with say 400 or 500, but because unpublished apps don't show in the Lightspeed Shop's "Apps - Purchased Apps" list I can't tell what Lightspeed actually does with a non-200 status code.

During such an error, how is the Lightspeed shop owner supposed to be remedy the issue if the install was never successful? In the "Purchased Apps" list is there an option to "re-install" or is the course of action to "cancel" then do the installation all over again?

Does anyone have any ideas about this?


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