How to properly identify a shipment with a shipment method

dschnaredschnare Member Posts: 6

We are working on a Lightspeed App that creates a shipping integration. We provide a new shipping method at checkout. I see that the "shipment_methods" request expects a list of shipment methods, each with a "title" and "description". Then on the Lightspeed Order all we have is "shipmentTitle" and "shipmentData". The "shipmentData" is supposed to be metadata associated to the shipment method, however the "shipment_methods" response doesn't support metadata.

Are we supposed to use the "Order.shipmentTitle" to check that our shipping method was chosen? Doesn't this open up to problems since any shipping method can use the same title?

We also typically allow the merchant to customize the shipping method name, but in this case we shouldn't allow them to do that?


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