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Why are the prices for your hardware and supplies not published online? What's the big secret? We have to call an account manager to get a price on printer labels and an iPad stand. Don't build road blocks when your customers are trying to get prices and information.

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  • HeatherHeather Administrator, Lightspeed Staff Posts: 106 moderator

    Hi there @bgracejr

    We don't publish hardware prices on our website because hardware is managed largely by our vendors and both the prices and supported models change periodically. We therefore keep our hardware page pretty simple and our Account Managers facilitate the orders for customers. 

    All of this said, we completely agree that this isn't the best experience and we want to do better. We're actively working on a solution that'll make it easier for customers to order hardware and it's expected to be ready this calendar year. We will share details as we move forward—stay tuned!

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