Custom buttons in iOS app!

awalvaradoawalvarado Member Posts: 1

It would be great to have the option for custom buttons in the iOS app.

1) The kind of custom buttons you can make on the manager side of things, for labor, etc.

2) Just custom buttons for certain products, etc. Example: We have small items that won't have barcodes on them (pins, pens, etc) and we could have buttons for those non-barcode items to make them as easy to access as the barcoded ones.


  • Mike_BDGMike_BDG Member Posts: 2

    I want this too!

  • matchatimegiftshopmatchatimegiftshop Member Posts: 8

    For these items, I just print out the system label for them on small sized labels and stick them in a small book next to the register. Each page in the book is dedicated for whichever type of product.

    For instance, we have pages for:


    Small ceramics

    Individual snacks

    Knick Knacks

    This has proven to be very helpful since many of the smaller item are WAY too small to be barcoded with any kind of sticker.

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