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I love the assembly function. However, when researching inventory count discrepancies, it is hard to justify an inventory adjustment titled "building assembly" or "assembly broken down" with a quantity and that's it! No Sale ID of when the assembly was sold, no information about what assembly it was built into or broken out from. We only build assemblies and sell them. The only times we brake down one is because we built it wrong the first time.

There is not a report (that I can find) on assembly components or assemblies in general! I know I can search my inventory for assemblies, but I would have to click on each one to find out what they were built from. INSANE!

Please get this system together. If y'all could POSSIBLY get someone who has actually used a POS system or an Inventory System to design it or at least help fix the MANY MANY MANY issues this system has, it would be in our favor. To have all these detailed (and for us not very useful) reports and little buttons to push, only to have the most basic of functions not available is only proof that a IT tech guy created this and not someone running and managing inventory.

Consider this my request for POSSIBLE issues that your company needs to address. My ticket number is #34,343,458,734,687,682,349,847,598,263,478,236,487,529,874,923,847,923,649,283,472.

thank you for your time

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    Hi there,

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