Changing Theme from Conform Plus to Ignite

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I am currently running my Lightspeed eCom store on the Conform Plus Theme and I am looking to switch it over to the Ignite Theme.

I have added some custom CSS along with some Java to accommodate the 'filter by size' shortfall of Lightspeed along with some aesthetic elements.

My question is in regards to switching over from Conform Plus to Ignite and how switching themes affect any previous CSS and other custom code and how much work is typically involved in transitioning over.

I am also concerned about product and category images (specifically their dimensions) and if they'll work in Ignite or if I'll have to reformat all of them...

I understand that all custom code needs to be documented and plugged back in after the switchover.

For reference, the site is and as of right now there are 14,800+ SKU's on the site.

I would appreciate any insight from the community on potential issues and solutions.




  • TextiellabTextiellab Member Posts: 4

    Hi Mick,

    I chose also the Conform Plus Theme when I started my webshop in 2019. Lately, worrying about red Core Web Vitals, helpdesk questions are answered with, then you have to change your theme f.e. to Ignite.

    Same questions here about transitioning. Your site looks very clean, going with the look of the brand.

    I am starting with a demoshop in Ignite today to see if I can make it work. 1500 Products, 4 languages.


  • MickMick Member Posts: 4

    Hi Janine,

    Thanks for the commenting

    Just an update for you and others in the community- when switching over from Conform Plus to Ignite all CSS and Java along with elements like created filters, delivery time frames, etc. remain through the transition.

    There will have to be some minor tweaks made but all in all, this was my greatest concern.

    The biggest thing that needed addressing (and was anticipated) was formatting image sizes of categories and featured headlines.

    I switched product images to 'portrait' and they all seem to work (800 x 1024 px) from Conform Plus.

    I set up a test shop before I made the switch but I would recommend just switching completely over as you are limited as to what functions you can perform in your test shop.

    Switching over takes mere minutes so if you have some downtime in terms of site traffic you can make the switchover quite seamlessly.

    Good luck.


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