Feature Request: Greater control of employee permissions

ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 63 ✭

It would be very helpful if there was a greater level of control for employee permissions. OnSite had the ability to limit access to sensitive areas of the software, ability to create and modify products, edit documents, etc. Really anything you could imagine, you could open up or lock down on an individual employee basis. LSR has large categories which affect significant portions of the program, and disabling them cripple the functionality of the program.

For example, I would like to disable the Home screen for many of our employees who do not need access to this level of information. However, the only way to do this is to disable the reporting feature, which then makes it impossible for these employees to look up layaways or special orders.

Please bring back a greater level of permission controls for Admins in LSR.


  • TWirgauTWirgau Member Posts: 2
    edited January 20

    We are having a issue with permissions not being nuanced enough as well. We want employees to be able to change inventory levels without having to do a count and reconcile but not be able to change pricing or costs of an item. This is not possible with the current permissions setup, which requires cost editing and then pricing editing to do inventory edits for whatever reason. This has been very problematic for our stores.

  • DGNewnanDGNewnan Member Posts: 7

    I would also like to see some discounts not available as well. I.E. When you do a 50% (cost) discount. An employee should not be able to use it.

  • JYASJYAS Member Posts: 2

    I agree that there needs to be more granularity when it comes to permissions. My best example is that the ability to merge items has to be a separate permission given what one can do with this permission.

    If I can add a feature request that there should be a log that tracks all merges with the person who merged the item, the original System ID/Description/Mfg Part No./UPC and the System ID it was merged into.

  • kyrekyre Member Posts: 1

    MUCH more granularity needs to be made available both operations and reporting. Without granular control, team members are not nearly as effective in solving issues as they could be thus requiring too much reliance on those with full access. It's incredibly inefficient.

  • ngilsonngilson Member Posts: 63 ✭

    @Lightspeed - Care to chime in? Anything?

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

    This is one that has been requested a good number of times in the Feedback forum and would be incredibly helpful. Modeling current permissions based on the permissions in Onsite would be great. The granularity that Onsite offered was extremely beneficial.

  • vincemuehlvincemuehl Member Posts: 3

    This is so frustrating that they will not address this issue. When we have shipments come in and employees are trying to identify which items goes to each customer. The layaway report is not available unless you give employees full access to reports.

  • chadMasseyschadMasseys Member Posts: 8

    ditto. I need staff to see matrix level and edit tags but not be able to change UPC or prices. Would love the employee permissions to have more options.

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