Need Help with Cases of Wine vs Single Bottles on eCom

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I am trying to create a situation where users can buy single bottles of wine, or a case (12) on eCom but I cannot seem to create a configuration that allows this to work.

I want lightspeed to recognize that if there are 2 cases of wine, then there are 24 bottles available, but it doesn't seem to reflect that in eCom.



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    Hey fellow wine person! I use the Quantity Discounts at the very bottom of the eCom products page to set up case discounts and encourage people to buy cases.

    On omnichannel you can look at Box items in retail to do cases and bottles - which would give you the 2 case/24 bottles data you are looking for by creating two Products. However, you then have to go in to lightspeed and manually break the box every time someone opens a case - I have found the labor and upkeep isn't worth the data, unless you have cases in the back you don't let customers dig into.

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    We sell pet food by the can as well as the case and the solution we have come up with on eCom is to make a matrix item that is the name of the food and then have individual and case items as variant entries. The case is a box item containing the individual cans.

    This works well enough for us but unfortunately, accurate can inventory is probably our number one inventory problem as something is really unreliable with the box breaking in Lightspeed that we've never been able to figure out. If you need precision in your inventory I probably wouldn't recommend this as your strategy.

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