Ignite - Using images in category or product content field

DekselsDeksels Member Posts: 1

I've been using the Ignite theme for a while now. Mostly to my satisfaction. However, there's one thing that I just cannot get to work properly.

Whenever I add anything to the content field of either a product or a category, there's the option of inserting links or media. Embedded videos work fine, so do links. But a simple image is a big problem.

It seems to work fine, until you open the page on a mobile device, where the picture is completely stretched out. This doesn't happen to video links and it also doesn't happen to things like headlines, banners or product photos. Only images added to the content field. No matter what resolution or aspect ratio I use, the aspect ratio on my phone is completely out of whack and unusable.

Any help greatly appreciated. It's driving me mental.

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