Apply a Payment not working


I am attempting to post a payment to Lightspeed K Series Back office using the API.

The steps as i understand them are to Register a webhook using the PUT Webhook endpoint, and then POST a payment using the /o/op/1/pay Endpoint.

This is currently throwing a non-descript 400 error.

Could someone tell me what it is a could be doing wrong? Exact Calls below

Request: PUT


"endpointId" : "8440163d-22a2-4e02-af8b-ca1c80f118e3",

"url" : "",

"withBasicAuth" : false,

"username" : null,

"password" : null


Response: POST


"paymentMethod" : null,

"paymentAmount" : "100",

"tipAmount" : null,

"thirdPartyPaymentReference" : "3RDPARTYREF",

"endpointId" : "8440163d-22a2-4e02-af8b-ca1c80f118e3",

"businessLocationId" : xxxxxxx,

"taskTtlInMs" : 60000,

"staffId" : null,

"deviceId" : null,

"ikaccountId" : null,

"ikaccountIdentifier" : "A136707.609",

"min_TTL" : 60000




"status": "fail",

"msg": "org.springframework.web.reactive.function.client.WebClientResponseException$BadRequest: 400 Bad Request from PUT http://backend:8086/integration/1/payments"


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