Negative Inventory and Layaways

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Layaways will not make inventory negative. If you have 1 widget and a customer puts 2 on layaway, the inventory is "0" instead of -1. This a very simple example to a complex issue for my staff and customers.


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    Hi @gary

    By default, because layaways require there to be inventory in stock for it to be reserved, it's expected of the software not to go into the negatives when the product quantity is at 0 and it gets reserved as a layaway.

    Usually, this would mean that there may be other incorrect quantity values in your inventory quantity values and we usually recommend performing an inventory count to ensure everything appropriately accounted for.


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    This is really an inappropriate position for lightspeed to take because it is inconsistent with the rest of the system. Yes, if layways cause inventory to go negative, it indicates other problems. But, that is the same as when sales cause the inventory to go negative. The idea is that then, the negative can be fixed by resolving the other problems, such as, receiving a PO rather than by entering a manual adjustment. The big problem that I have stated before is that there is no way for the user to know whether a layaway has already deducted from inventory or not because of this inconsistency. Additionally, if an item is put to layaway by mistake and then moved to special order to correct that mistake, whatever portion of the quantity that might have gotten deducted remains deducted even after moving to special order. As a result, manual adjustments get made when they should not be. I also suspect that lightspeed itself cannot always make this determination properly. Our ability to keep inventory counts accurate has dropped to zero. I think a lot of the problem is the inconsistency of how layaways are handled and then subsequent cancelling of layaways, or, layaways getting moved to special order. It seems like lightspeed uses too many "if then" scenarios. It should be much more simple and straight forward. Everytime an item is sold or put on layaway, quantity on hand is reduced even if it goes negative. Everytime an item is refunded or removed from layaway in any manner, quantity on hand is increased. I wish it really worked that way.

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