Only 12 pictures in the product gallery?

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Why can we only upload 12 pictures into the product gallery? Seems like a pretty small number considering some of the Matrices we have up to 25-30 different color variations in them for the same product. I get that you can have an individual picture for each item, but the gallery itself is only 12. When we push this over to our website (which is through WooCommerce) it only pulls those 12 pictures and I have to upload the rest on the backend of the website instead. Is this something that will ever change as far as having the ability to put more than 12 photos in the gallery?


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    Hi @SlideInn

    For the time being, the limit of images within Retail and eCom is 12, which can be increased to 20 on a need-by-basis when you reach out to your Account manager to discuss it.

    Since Retail, eCom and the API back-end all allow for a total of 12 images, should Woocommerce allow you to add more than 12 images, the limit from within the API will prevent more than this to be uploaded.

    Of course, thank you for having shared your feedback! It's already in the right spot to be considered as a requested enhancement!


    If you have any further questions Please do not hesitate to contact LightSpeed support or check out our Support Page.

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