Order webhook not called

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I have an issue on order creation via the API.

I created a webhook via the url PUT https://api-trial.ikentoo.com/o/wh/1/webhook :


"endpointId": "test_order",

"url": " https://webhook.site/d6d52171-8a70-47cc-b0ea-f22bd86b2be6",

"withBasicAuth": false


And got the result :


"endpointId": "test_order",

"url": " https://webhook.site/d6d52171-8a70-47cc-b0ea-f22bd86b2be6",

"withBasicAuth": false,

"provideAccount": false,

"expandTransactions": false,

"expandPayments": false


Then I created an order via the url POST "https://api-trial.ikentoo.com/o/op/1/order/toGo" this data :









"email":"[email protected]",




















"addressLine1":"rue test",






And got the result : { "status": "ok"}

But the webhook is not firing. Do you know why ?

Thank you for your help,

Kind Regards,



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