Custom Work Order Status needed

VélomaniaSherbrookeVélomaniaSherbrooke Member Posts: 1

I've been directed from the phone line to voice my concerns and opinion, feel free to chip in if you feel you could also use this feature.

It would be a great tool to have more customization for the Work Order Status. Right now the only options that can be chosen are the name, colour and order of display in the drop-down menu.

The feature that would be useful would be to have a control on how the Status behave. There is an Estimate/Quote style status that can exist - any items in the Work Order in that status are not withdrawn from the inventory. This is useful for creating quotes and such, as you can apply the Work Order status as a filter when searching for these instead of having to go into Customer's file. Right now, it is not possible to create a new Status that has this function.

Any thoughts on this ?

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