Feature Request: overwrite or delete images on import

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I have numerous images that I've retaken and want to be able to upload, automatically overwriting the images that are there, but, unfortunately, Retail simply pushes the existing "featured image" down the list of images and lacks an option to overwrite or delete them. Is it possible to add this as a checkbox feature where the user can set Retail to overwrite or delete existing images on import?


  • Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11

    I notice that this has been a request since 2018 from multiple people. I really wish this would be taken seriously.

  • Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11
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  • Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11

    I have well over 2,500 products in two shops that I need to remove images for that all begin with 978 (books) and there is no way on our end to do this on import. What's more disappointing is that Lightspeed claims they can only remove images en masse on their end by date. This is not true, as any database programmer knows. Maybe it isn't possible with the back-end tool the Tier 2 support staff has access to, but there are myriad ways to manipulate raw data in a database. I've even offered to pay them to do it and no one seems to care, so, with the staffing shortage the way it is, I have no idea how our company is going to manually remove 2,500 images and utterly disgusted that I have to choose between that hell and the hell of finding a completely new POS and Web store setup that will communicate with one another.


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    Hi @Christian Day, I can remove those images for you.

    I'm working on a tool to make dealing with mass image/exports/editing a lot easier, ( it only works with item matrices, and individual items now ). I hope to have it available on my service, https://spectraretail.com soon.

    In the meantime, I do have some back end tools that can accomplish what you want. I'll follow up with a direct message!

    Matt Anger


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