Partial String Search of Vendor Item Numbers in Inventory Search field

We have a requirement that needs addressed ASAP. We have multiple vendors that fufill the same items, but they all have different Vendor Item Numbers. For example, we search "999". We have Vendor Item Numbers:


.5K 11/0 572 TO 999

11-999 .1K

The common thread between all of these vendors and their vendor item numbers in this case is the "999". However, when we search that, we don't get the inventory records that match this. We ALREADY have 22,000 parts in our inventory. This is causing us EXTREME AGGRAVATION as we add more records because the system is not finding what we are searching for. We only want 1 inventory record out there for this part. Not 6! But the system needs to have partial string search capability on all vendor item numbers so it can return all inventory records that it finds that have the match for the code.

I am having extreme headaches over this problem.

Please update the search capability on this.......

Linda Fabbro


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