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Two important issues:

  1. There needs to be a better way to confirm that an email has been sent. I have no confidence that emails are sent at all. Sales people often need to go back, sometimes weeks, to see if an email was sent. To have to search through the entire Event Log is absurd. Not only that, the "Email Failed" banner should stay up until the user acknowledges it. If the user is busy, often the banner disappears before it is seen.
  2. Each user should get the reply emails to their own work address. In a large company, replies should be able to go to each location, at the very least so one person isn't entirely in charge of reading email replies.

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  • RADDCruisersRADDCruisers Member Posts: 8

    On Site did this far better by opening the business Gmail account (or other account) and then allowing the email to be written with an attached .pdf document.

    Retail... where are the sent messages?

    How do I access or confirm what was said in a message? What about exclusive information that was sent to the client - how can I possibly keep track of messages that disappear onto nowhere land?

    Retail's feature set sucks.


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