Gift Cards: Recycling, Options, Totals

stdennisbookstorestdennisbookstore Member Posts: 1

We need to be able to recycle gift cards. Right now every gift card that's ever had money on it whether redeemed, cancelled, or still truly waiting to be used is appearing on my list. I want to be able to reset a gift card to no history / erase its entry if I want to.

The options for creating a gift card are a mess. Why on earth is the card number OPTIONAL? Better question, why can I not change this to suit my work flow? I cannot control how many digits or what types of characters this field takes and now I have to chase down multiple incorrectly created gift cards because my frontline staff were confused!

Why isn't the total automatically appearing in the Sale Total? Why is the receipt not showing a gift card SALE as part of the main total? Instead it appears below as though the gift card was used as a payment type. Both changes are confusing to everyone and there doesn't seem to be a good reason for either.

It's absolutely beyond me why you guys would remove features. If someone doesn't want to use it, fine... but why remove the option for others who DO want to use it.

I do not appreciate how your upgrades happen.. without notice and more often than not removing things I used before. This is not good customer service. My workers discover these idiosyncrasies when I'm not there to figure it out!

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