Report "Sales By Customer & Item" Shows Total Column but does not export the Total Column??!

We are a school bookstore. We want to be able to use this report to download sales data by customer, at the line item detail level. The exported sales data needs to be uploaded into our student billing program. When the report "Sales By Customer & Item" is run the total for the sale line is shown, but this data column is not exported in the CSV data. Since there is no reference for Sales Tax in this report, you can't do any SUM calculations with the CSV data to come up with the total for the sale line. Is there any way that this data can be added to the export? Ideally it would be very helpful if the Sales Tax for each item could also be listed.

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  • WhiHarWhiHar Member Posts: 5

    I suggest you use the "Lines" report under the report category of 'Sales & Refunds'. After you export, sort by the customer column.

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