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We have had very good success counting large amounts of inventory quickly in lightspeed. (10k items in one retail and eCom location). HOWEVER, the one big thing that it is missing is a sound that comes with the "item added" or "error" message. There should be two separate sounds that repeat so that you do not have to look back at the screen or have another person stand there to verify what is going on as the other scans. This would help you judge how fast you can go also.

VERY simple fix, but would be a real game changer to the inventory counts.

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  • timfarrelltimfarrell Member Posts: 9

    Some kind of audible feedback would also be helpful when receiving items into a PO. Then, if a scanned item isn't on file or has another issue, you would know about it immediately thus preventing the scanned item from being scanned into the PO.

    This feature was available in Lightspeed On-Site some 10 years ago along with many other much missed useful and time-saving features.

    Vale LS On-Site. How we miss you, and many of your features

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