Changing themes and lose all your defaults???? and crapola themes

Uncle_MiltonUncle_Milton Member Posts: 53

At the direction of a Lightspeed help desk tech I changed our e-comm theme as our old one was no longer supported...... Old theme was all set up with the colors we wanted, logo, social media links, etc and now we have to change everything because of all the stupid things, new theme erases all that info!!! Including core colors (some of which cant be changed depending on the crap themes), have to reinstall our logo which cant be resized depending on the crap theme chosen, redo all our headlines which are their but the theme doesn't pick them up....

WORST thing is that even though we were previously using a free theme it looked really good.. even somewhat professional at least until I installed the new theme(s)...

I have now tried 5 different themes including some paid themes and ALL of them are complete crap!! Seriously considering going back to shopify to get full functionality back and the ability to modify most everything

Open to suggestions or insight

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  • larry_nalzarolarry_nalzaro Member Posts: 30

    That's unfortunate, Unc. Well, you can hire my services and I'll make it all right. (No, your old theme is gone; it cannot be revived).

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