Feature Request: Allow product update imports to skip other rows

Christian DayChristian Day Member Posts: 11

So, in the original Onsite, when you both update and add new products to the system, you can use the same spreadsheet. Retail, however, kicks back any new items that are in the csv because they aren't existing products. Is there a reason it can't just skip them? It's much easier to have a single import file of all my books, whether they're new books or updated ones. This is very frustrating because I have to use the error document just to figure out which ones to take out and it's a really unnecessary extra step. I'm not sure anyone from Lightspeed even reads this forum anymore but hoping someone does eventually.

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  • natronsnatrons Member Posts: 3

    I second this feature request. It is a basic function of retail to update prices from a vendor price list that will contain their entire catalog of items. We only have a subset of their items that we stock in Lightspeed. We should be able to choose to "update items only" and skip any items that are in the import file that are not in lightspeed.

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