Feature Request - Add Short/Long Description, Package Dimension & Weight to product Import/Export

BrocknoviatchBrocknoviatch Member Posts: 1

Currently when you import or export a product there is no:

Short Description

Long Description

Package Dimensions

Package Weight

These attributes are under webstore

Please add these attributes to products when you export them

Also if you create your own custom attributes, can you import/export them with products?

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  • gregaricangregarican Member Posts: 864 

    I assume you are referring to E-com, not Retail (the category this is posted under). 😀

    When it comes to Retail I know that custom attributes aren't visible in the web client unless you drill into the individual record form. That's about it. No visibility in import/export and only via the API are they accessible. I would tend to assume the same is true for E-com, but I'll defer to other experts on here.

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