Retail API Rate Increase

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I own and operate the business D3 Surplus Outlet, and do all of the development work for the business. We have been using the API responsibly for the last 2+ years and are expanding our business to another retail location. I have spoken with my account rep about this request, and several support staff and they advised that for this to happen I need to make the request through the community. With the expansion of our business to a second location, the need to make extra calls to the API will result. We are now paying double the amount of what we were paying before as we have added a second store to our account. Please approve and implement a rate increase for the D3 Surplus Outlet (Deals Cubed, 200386) account.


  • panthers1788panthers1788 Member Posts: 23

    Support says this needs to be posted one has responded in 3 weeks?

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    You have to create a partner agreement that costs tens of thousands of dollars.

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    @panthers1788 if you are envisioning pushing new inventory items to the second location, then I'd assume that your Lightspeed account rep would temporarily allow for an API call rate increase. Especially seeing you are paying more subscription fees. I know prior to our Retail cutover back in 2018 we were granted a temporary rate increase. Lord knows only one PUT/POST API request every 10 seconds as default was glacial!

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    Not a Lightspeed rep here; but I too have had to deal with these limitations. You can work around the limitation in two ways:

    1. Use the stock → item importer. A half decent script to create files for this really cuts down on your time if you have to use this often.
    2. Create a task scheduler with priorities. Let whatever application you use queue tasks and make the scheduler do higher priority tasks first. That way; less important tasks will be done with points you gain in moments you don't need them.

    Also, making your item upload more efficient by only uploading changed item info helps of course.

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