If this is happening to us, then it is happening to you.

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We have used Lightspeed and Lightspeed Loyalty for the year 2021 and continuing. For most of our first year, we had used a desktop as our register. Recently we started using an IPad. After using Lightspeed for some time, we discovered that when a customer would use their points for a discount, the system does not calculate the tax amount correctly. It charges taxes on the full, undiscounted, amount. Inturn overcharging the customer tax. The first solution Lightspeed had told us was to click on the loyalty discount line item and check the tax box. That was working when we were using our desktop as the register. We are on the IPad now. It does not allow us to check a tax box on the loyalty line item. After bringing this to Lightspeed's attention. Their solution was to use the manager tab to open a browser and process the transaction through the browser. This makes my IPad useless. Not to mention it is time-consuming to open everything. Customer check-out time is important and needs to be a speedy process. Also, I have a lot of loyalty members I do transactions with every day. Do I have to go through the lengthy browser process every time I encounter one of them? This leads up to the fact that Lightspeed just needs to fix this tax issue. Check your own records folks. We are not the only business experiencing this. We have discovered major issues that could have been avoided if Lightspeed will fix this. Let us know if your business is going through the same issue. Is there a solution you used to make the tax calculate the right amount?



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    Wow this is concerning. When it comes to tax audits and whatnot...oh boy....

    I'd imagine that Lightspeed actually fixing the issue wouldn't be the most daunting development work. And properly testing out the new loyalty feature to observe this prior to its release would've been a good idea in hindsight.

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    YES! We've had Lightspeed since July 2020 and this has been an ongoing battle with support. My argument with them is that this isn't a feature request as it is incorrect accounting. It's overcharging tax as the tax is being charged on the subtotal before the loyalty is accounted for. They've known about this issue for a long time (August 2020 is when we first reported the issue) and the work around of checking the tax box leaves room for human error. We use a desktop so we haven't run into your issue, but it is still unacceptable that Lightspeed continues to ignore this.

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