Exporting Products - is it really ALL or NONE?!

kellyfkellyf Member Posts: 12

We're in the process of implementing eCom and are trying to systematically load then review our products in "bite-sized" pieces. One thing I've found incredible is the inability to export Products based on criteria. Am I missing something or can we really only export ALL Products every time we want to export/review a specific subset? I feel like I'm missing something because I haven't found any community discussion on the subject. Any assistance/suggestion would be appreciated.


  • strumke31strumke31 Member Posts: 7

    You should be able to filter the inventory list if you go to the item search screen and then click export to only pull out the current search result.

  • kellyfkellyf Member Posts: 12

    Thank you so much for taking the time to respond. That is exactly what I needed!!

  • BurnerscigarcoBurnerscigarco Member Posts: 9


    I've asked the same question and were told unlike retail you can not filter the item list for export. Even though you can filter the items in search, when you export the items it still exports the entire inventory list.

    The solution Lightspeed support gave me was to just delete the items from the export that we do not wish to use.

    It is extremely frustrating because it is very easy in retail and very complicated and time consuming on e-com.

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

    Hi @Burnerscigarco , I think it might be worth giving this another shot. You can totally filter the Item list in order to yield a specific set of products for export. There are a few limitations (i.e. fields exported and can't export only Archived items), but you can absolutely filter only one brand or vendor or a combination of any of the Advanced metrics. We do it all the time. Hope that helps.

  • bfodbfod Member Posts: 9

    @emacgee Can you explain exactly how you're doing this? When I go to eCom -> Products and filter by brand, then select "Export -> Products", it exports EVERY item. If I go to eCom -> Inventory and filter by brand, then select "Export -> Inventory" it does the same, exports all 6,500 items. If I select the checkboxes to the left of items this does no make any difference at all. So what are you doing different??

  • emacgeeemacgee Member Posts: 65 

    Ahh, I see. This is the Retail form and not the eComm forum. So, I thought you were talking about exporting items in Retail. You would likely be better off posting this issue in the forum for eComm. I see now that you mention eComm, but I assumed you were talking about filtering before they got to eComm.

    The list will export as .csv or other file type usable in Excel. You can always filter using the exported file to yield the list you need and can copy/paste that into a new file if it's easier for you. An extra step, but about the same as doing the filtering on the Lightspeed side.

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