Feature Request: Receipt Notes Saved in Layaways

brian2112brian2112 Member Posts: 2

If I take a deposit for a bicycle, and it is kept in layaway, I want to be able to make a note that saves in the receipt notes box. We did this in our old POS (Ascend) so if the customer has any demands regarding a particular product set up, it will be right under the transaction or product. Not everything should populate under the customer notes section. It should be reserved for general notes regarding the customer, not their product notes. I talked to a representative for Lightspeed and I was told the only places that notes could be saved would be under customer notes, or a completed transaction. I need saved notes for an open transaction, which is not currently possible.


  • ShootersshedShootersshed Member Posts: 141 

    +1 for notes on laybys please....

  • KayleeCLSKayleeCLS Member Posts: 5

    +1 for me as well!

    When in doubt, I always click on the item description in blue and put a note in under the item. This note will remain on the layaway item, and doesn't change the item description on the back end. However, this note would need to be deleted upon invoicing if you don't want the customer to see it.

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